John Kruebbe

How is your Information Security approach LEAN?

In today's econnomy we are faced with many financial descisons on how to approach Information Secuirty projects.  It seems there is a never ending requirement to do things more effecitvely with less.   

The good news is that there are ways to acompish Information Security Projects with less by having the right tools to do the job.  Some organizartions claim that they have just gotten started and are in the process of creating the needed security policy first, but we have often seen that the right approach is to pick the right vendor and implement their solution and then the policy just falls out from there in a more efficient manner.   This is not to say that some policy must be in place to begin with, but that much polcy falls out from picking the right strategy, then the right tools and then adopting the policy that makes the most sense from there.

Let us know how you are saving resources and picking the right tools.  We would like to hear from you.

John Kruebbe

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