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Integrity means our code is robust and secure,  Intuition means we are pioneers and leaders and Intelligence shows in everything we do.

Service Specialties

Diassu Software has expertise in the following growing fields of Information Technology:

Information Security Reviews

Help to assure and protect the  confidentialityintegrity and availability of your computerized information by performing one of our security reviews.  We have helped many of the Fortune 500 to raise the bar with their CEO and their corporate security departments.

Packaged Applications Audits

With over 23 years experience in Siebel, CTI, Genesys, Lawson and SCADA we can also help you to properly manage your packaged applications.

Database Review

Solve SQL Server, Sybase or Oracle database performance issues by performing our Database Review.  We started out helping many companies to solve their database related issues and later diversified into information secuirty reviews as well.

Software Development and Security Code Reviews

Are you developing mobile (IOS or Android) or Framework applications (Java, Struts II and Ruby on Rails applications)?  When is the last time your new code was reviewed for performance and secuirty against injection attacks and Cross Site Scripting attacks? How is your code performing under load?  Is it scalable?

iOS 7.0 Software Development

Are you developing mobile IOS 7.0 applications?  Diassu Software has over 3 years expereince with Apple iPhone and  iPad.  Take a look at our very own flagship iOS 7 application called Alpha State on our support page.

Contact us today at 650-284-9575 or email us at sales@diassusoftware.com for further help in one of the above specialty areas.